Vins de vienne
Yves Cuilleron, Pierre Gaillard and François Villard dreamt of reviving the vineyard of Seyssuel. They ended up doing so with great passion and pleasure. The adventure began back in 1996 when they decided to rent some fallow land for winegrowing
vienneThe vineyard of Seyssuel is situated 25 km from Lyon, above Vienne, on the left bank of the Rhone River across from the prestigious vineyards of Ampuis and Condrieu. This is the Rhone Valley's most narrow area, representing a width of 700 meters. Its unique configuration produces high wind gusts and rising temperatures. The location benefits from a hot climate. A southern type of vegetation grows here and the wines boast sunny characteristics often evoking the Mediterranean scrubland. The hillsides are in the form of terraces, facing south, south-west, and are difficult to cultivate. When it comes to the soils, the area is mainly granite, with a center made up of worn schist on the surface, translating to rocky layers, including numerous slates that shine like mirrors
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