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François, Pierre, Yves : Three vintners, three approaches to vine and winegrowing. The Wines of Vienne have succeeded in producing an alchemy that combines three sensibilities into a high-performance team spirit. This collective commitment to the production of quality wines is brought about by each individual experience
François : « Year after year, I have opted for an ever increasing organic approach to vine-growing. However, the use of too much copper or too much sulfur is out of the question. I strive for balance, nothing more »

pierre gaillard
francois villard

Pierre : « Good quality grapes are required to make a great wine. I have therefore adopted natural vine-growing techniques. These include the use of phyto-sanitary products and organic fertilizers, adjusted as much as possible to the vine's needs, as well as tilling of the soil »
yves cuilleronYves : « I implement my own philosophy in relation to reasoned agriculture, based upon the careful observation of the vines. My objective is that of preserving the soil's balance, in view of obtaining a low yield. As a result, the vineyard produces fruit with better concentration and balance, as well as benefiting from fewer treatments. Disbudding and leaf fining are finished off by hand to ensure the best quality »
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